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Appalachian Race Tire

Appalachian Race Tire provides trackside support for SCCA and select NASA road-racing events in the Southeast US, along with daily shipping of Hoosier and Toyo race tires.

    We bring our years of experience to the track!

Hoosier Slick Hoosier R6 DOT Radial Toyo Proxes R888
Hoosier Hoosier Toyo
Slick R6 D.O.T. R888 D.O.T.

Tire Brands and Models

Hoosier -- Slicks and DOT race tires for road-racing, autocross and vintage.

Hoosier R6 and A6 D.O.T. radials, bias-ply and radial slicks and rains;
Also, Sprint and Super Kart tires now available

Toyo -- Shaved and full-depth DOT tires for road-racing and autocross.

Toyo Proxes RA-1, R1R, RR and R888 D.O.T. radials

We Come To You

    If your race tire supplier's only service truck is BROWN and comes to your house, you are not receiving the expertise that Appalachian Race Tire provides.  In the past decade, we have serviced over 500 racing events.  At each of these events, we learn what works to help you go faster and win races.  You can't buy the knowledge that we have acquired over the years; it is part of our service and comes at no charge to our customers.

    If you want to win races, call us.  If you are racing at an event that we service, we will bring our service truck to you.  If not, we can send the little brown truck to your house.  Either way you receive our knowledge and experience with every tire.

Latest News

We've Moved! (not far...)

    (last updated 8/6/14)

  • Appalachian Race Tire has moved to a new warehouse.
  • All our contact information remains the same (phone #s, e-mail addresses, etc), just the physical and mailing addresses have changed.
  • Starting Monday, July 28th, our physical/shipping address is:
    324 Excellence Way, Maryville TN 37801
  • The mailing address is:
    PO Box 6080, Maryville TN 37802-6080

NASA Road-Racing Logo

Now Servicing Southeast Region NASA Events

    (last updated 1/19/14)

  • Appalachian Race Tire is now servicing the Southeast Region NASA events (excluding Florida)
  • Call for more information and reservations

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